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Wound Care

Wound Care services offered in Tonopah, NV

Large, gaping, or nonhealing wounds can become infected or cause significant scarring when left untreated. At Frontier Medical Group in Tonopah, Nevada, board-certified physician Beraldo Vazquez, MD, and the skilled medical team offer advanced wound care to optimize healing, reduce pain, and lessen your chance of complications. Schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment at Frontier Medical Group by phone, online, or a walk-in visit today.

Wound Care Q&A

What is wound care?

Wound care at Frontier Medical Group includes a medical evaluation, diagnostic testing if necessary, and treating wounds that are large, deep, jagged, or slow-healing. The Frontier Medical Group team offers numerous wound-care treatments to optimize your outcome.

What are the advantages of wound care?

Wound care with medical specialists offers an array of benefits. It can enhance healing, minimize scarring, diminish pain, and treat an infection. If you have diabetes, proper wound care reduces the chance of eventually requiring amputation due to a severe infection. 

Who benefits from wound care?

Anyone with an open or nonhealing wound benefits from wound care at Frontier Medical Group, particularly patients with diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes increases your chance of developing wounds, experiencing slow-healing wounds, or having an infection.

You or a loved one might develop a severe laceration, puncture wound, burn, or another type of wound that requires prompt medical intervention. Common causes of wounds include stepping on something sharp, animal bites, using power tools, and working with knives or other sharp objects.

What happens during wound-care appointments?

During wound-care appointments, your Frontier Medical Group provider first stops any bleeding using pressure. They check your vital signs, ask how the wound occurred, examine the wound, and may order lab tests, imaging procedures, tissue swabs, or a biopsy. Your provider then tailors your wound-care treatment based on your wound’s type and severity.

Which wound-care services are available?

Frontier Medical Group offers an array of highly effective wound-care services, including:

  • Oral antibiotics
  • Topical antibiotics
  • Cleaning the wound
  • Debridement (removing dead tissues)
  • Bandaging
  • Stitches
  • Staples
  • Medical taping
  • Skin grafting
  • Changing your footwear

You may need more than one type of wound-care treatment to ensure proper healing with minimal scarring. 

If you have diabetes, it’s important to properly manage your blood sugar by eating nutritious foods, getting regular exercise, maintaining an ideal weight, and taking any diabetes medications exactly as instructed. Check your feet regularly for wounds and see a specialist at the first sign of them.

Schedule an in-person or telehealth visit at Frontier Medical Group by phone or online, or simply walk in, to take advantage of superior wound care.